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[ ɪnsˈa͡ɪtfə͡l], [ ɪnsˈa‍ɪtfə‍l], [ ɪ_n_s_ˈaɪ_t_f_əl]

Insightful is a word that describes something that is perceptive, intelligent, and deeply insightful. There are many synonyms for insightful, depending on the specific context or usage. Some synonyms for insightful include observant, discerning, penetrating, astute, sagacious, profound, keen, analytical, and empathetic. Other synonyms that may be appropriate in certain situations might include wise, shrewd, resourceful, imaginative, innovative, visionary, or inventive. Ultimately, the most effective synonym for insightful will depend on the specific context in which it is used and the intended connotations or implications.

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What are the opposite words for insightful?

Insightful is a word that describes people or things that have a deep understanding or perception of a particular subject or situation. Antonyms for insightful include uninformed, oblivious, ignorant, and clueless. These words describe the opposite of insightful, where the person or thing lacks in-depth knowledge, understanding, or wisdom regarding the situation at hand. Insightful concepts are often grounded in knowledge and experience, while antonyms are usually the result of a lack of experience or awareness. In summary, the antonyms of insightful often denote a person or thing's inability to comprehend, make sense of, or draw meaningful conclusions from events, observations or experiences.

Usage examples for Insightful

His observations, descriptions and opinions are however well worth reading; they are accurate, insightful and to the point.
"The Soul of the War"
Philip Gibbs
Now he is given an added dimension; he is made more decisively rational than his predecessor and therefore more insightful in his knowledge of rhetorical method.
"A Discourse Concerning Ridicule and Irony in Writing (1729)"
Anthony Collins
In passing sentence, Judge Kimm said something startlingly insightful for a judge with little intimate knowledge of the hacker psyche.
Suelette Dreyfus

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