What is another word for discerning?

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[ dɪsˈɜːnɪŋ], [ dɪsˈɜːnɪŋ], [ d_ɪ_s_ˈɜː_n_ɪ_ŋ]

Discerning is an adjective that means having or showing good judgment, perception or insight. Synonyms for discerning include astute, shrewd, perceptive, insightful, intelligent, sagacious, wise, prudent, sharp-witted, knowledgeable, and discriminating. These synonyms reflect the ability to understand and perceive real meaning beyond the face value. A discerning person is able to identify what is truly valuable, truthful and meaningful, and distinguish it from that which is superficial. Synonyms are an excellent way to enrich and diversify your vocabulary, allowing for more precise communication and clarity of ideas. Incorporating these synonyms into your speech or writing can help give your descriptions more depth and nuance.

Semantically related words: discerning people, discerning tastes, discerning judgment, discerning buying, discerning reader

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    Discerning is an adjective that describes someone or something that can perceive or understand things with clarity and accuracy. Antonyms for the word discerning may include words like ignorant, clueless, undiscriminating, and unintelligent. Ignorant is a term used to describe someone who lacks knowledge or awareness. Clueless refers to an individual who is unaware, uninformed, or ignorant of something. Undiscriminating refers to someone or something that lacks good judgment, insight or discernment in making decisions. Lastly, unintelligent is a term used to describe someone who lacks intellectual abilities, insight or sound understanding of things. These antonyms capture the opposite of a discerning person, who is perceptive and insightful in their understanding of things.

    Usage examples for Discerning

    Their friends, those at least who were discerning, realized that the probability of a marriage between them was becoming more and more remote.
    "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories"
    Charles Weathers Bump
    In addition to this, she was, besides being attractive in face and feature, endued with a certain tranquillity of manner which suggested to the discerning that she had once held her own in high places.
    "A Prairie Courtship"
    Harold Bindloss
    My interior resembles a drop of water, mingling and lost in the ocean, and no more discerning itself,-the sea not only surrounding, but absorbing it.
    "Letters of Madam Guyon"
    P. L. Upham

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