What is another word for sheared?

Pronunciation: [ʃˈi͡əd] (IPA)

The word "sheared" describes the act of cutting or trimming something with shears or scissors. There are several synonyms for sheared, including trimmed, cut, clipped, pruned, snipped, hacked, and sliced. These words can be used interchangeably to describe the cutting of hair, fabric, or vegetation. For example, "the gardener sheared the hedges" could also be written as "the gardener clipped the hedges" or "the gardener pruned the hedges." Similarly, "the hairstylist sheared off a few inches" could also be written as "the hairstylist cut off a few inches" or "the hairstylist trimmed off a few inches." The specific synonym used may depend on the context and the object being cut.

What are the opposite words for sheared?

Sheared is the act of cutting or trimming something with a sharp tool, however, its antonyms signify the opposite. The first antonym is 'joined' since shearing usually involves splitting apart what was joined or connected. 'Attached' is another antonym since shearing can denote the act of detaching or disconnecting. The third antonym for sheared is 'intact,' as when a surface remains unmarred or complete without any gashes or nicks. Overall, the word sheared when paired with its antonyms is a potent tool for logical reasoning and language use.

What are the antonyms for Sheared?

Usage examples for Sheared

Here's another: You've gone for the Land's End, sheared within the Sinister buoys, and got right payment.
"The Unknown Sea"
Clemence Housman
Soon a priest came by who had a fold; He sheared his sheep of silver and gold.
"The Jericho Road"
W. Bion Adkins
The rounded end was sheared cleanly off.
"The Leech"
Phillips Barbee

Famous quotes with Sheared

  • You know what was really humiliating? I got a DWI in a Chevette. It's not like if I hit anyone it would make a difference. Be fair. 'Son you're drunk no doubt about it, but you're in a Chevette buddy, hell go get 'em.' It's like a Big Wheel hittin' your shit. They got mosquitoes bigger than these fuckin' cars. Piece of shit car. Turn the air conditioner on in a Chevette while you're driving it's like hitting the car in the balls. It goes down to 5 all of a sudden. I feel like the Flintstones in that thing. You push the lighter in the battery light comes on. No wonder I'm fuckin' drunk. I hit a moth one time it did $400 damage to this piece of shit. The moth was all right he rolled with it. He took off I'm waitin' for a tow truck. 'What happened to your car buddy?' Shit I hit a bug. 'You're lucky to be alive. A man in Tennessee hit a ladybug in one of them things, sheared his head clean off...and his thumbs.'.
    Bill Hicks

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