What is another word for Reaped?

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Reaped is a verb that means to gather or harvest crops, produce, or rewards. There are several synonyms for this verb, which include garner, acquire, collect, harvest, gather, and glean. Garner means to gather or accumulate something gradually or carefully. Acquire means to obtain something through effort or experience. Collect means to bring together things or gather things in one place. Harvest means to gather crops or yields during a particular season. Gather means to come together in a group or collect things from different sources. Glean means to gather leftover crops or information from various sources meticulously. These synonyms for reaped are useful choices in different contexts, depending on the meaning or intention of the sentence.

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    "Reaped" is a new horror film that is set for release on June 8, 2019. The film is written and directed by Matthew Humphreys and stars Kiara Glasco, Jenessa Grant, and John Gallagher Jr.

    In "Reaped," a group of farmers go out to harvesting their crops when they come across something horrifying. As they try to escape, they are captured by the beings that they were harvesting and soon realize that they are the ones that have been reaped. The group of survivors must fight for their lives against the brutal creatures that have been set on harvesting them.

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