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Contracted is a word used to describe something that has become smaller, tighter or restricted in size or scope. Synonyms that can be used to describe a contracted object or concept include shrunken, reduced, minimized, condensed, narrowed, constricted, compressed, abbreviated, diminutive and shorthanded. These synonyms all indicate a process of reduction and compression, albeit with slightly different connotations. For example, shrunken may imply an irreversible loss of size, while constricted suggests external limitations. Regardless of which synonym is used, they all indicate a reduction or restriction from a previous state, and can be used to describe physical objects, spaces, or abstract concepts like budgets or contracts.

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How to use "Contracted" in context?

Contracted is a term used in the contract-based world. Contracted typically refers to a company that has contracted out work to another company. Contracted work can be anything from answering phones to providing marketing services. When a company contracts out work, it is usually done in an effort to save on costs or to increase efficiency. This process can also lead to better customer service as the contracted company is usually more specialized in its field.

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