What is another word for slap-up?

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"Slap-up" is an old-fashioned British slang term that is often used to describe a meal or feast that is of good quality or very satisfying. There are several synonyms for "slap-up" that can be used to convey a similar meaning, such as "hearty," "sumptuous," "luxurious," "lavish," "opulent," and "splendid." These words all describe something that is of high quality and often implies extravagance or abundance. Other synonyms for "slap-up" could include "delicious," "scrumptious," "delectable," "mouth-watering," "savory," and "flavorful." These terms are more focused on describing the taste and sensory experience of the food, rather than its overall quality.

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Slap-up Theatre, or simply slapstick, is a style of comedy largely reliant on physical humor. It is defined by its use of surprise or unexpected moments, often arising from the juxtaposition of extremes. Slapstick is often improvisational, but it is also frequently planned and written.

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