What is another word for bang up?

Pronunciation: [bˈaŋ ˈʌp] (IPA)

When we say something is "bang up", we mean that it is in excellent condition or of high quality. Some synonyms for "bang up" include "first-rate", "top-notch", "excellent", "outstanding", "superb", "premium", "first-class", "superior", "exceptional", and "tip-top". These words can be used to describe anything from a product or service to a person's performance or appearance. By using synonyms for "bang up", we can make our language more varied and interesting as well as more precise in expressing our thoughts or opinions.

Synonyms for Bang up:

What are the hypernyms for Bang up?

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What are the hyponyms for Bang up?

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What are the opposite words for bang up?

The antonyms for the phrase "bang up" can be described as peaceful or uneventful. Some of the antonyms for this term include gentle, calm, quiet, serene, tranquil, still, and silent. These words suggest a sense of tranquility and relaxation rather than the sudden, violent impact that is associated with the phrase "bang up." Other antonyms for "bang up" could include mellow, mild, unhurried, slow, or easygoing. These words emphasize a sense of ease and comfort rather than the excitement and intensity of a bang up experience. When it comes to describing the opposite of "bang up," peaceful and calm words seem to be the most fitting antonyms.

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