What is another word for slugabed?

73 synonyms found


[ slˈuːɡe͡ɪbd], [ slˈuːɡe‍ɪbd], [ s_l_ˈuː_ɡ_eɪ_b_d]

How to use "Slugabed" in context?

There's some debate over what a slugabed is, but most people agree that it's a type of comical character who is a combination of a slacker and a baby. He typically

lives in a messy room, wears pajamas all day, and doesn't do any work. Slugabeds are often used as a symbol of laziness and childishness, but that doesn't mean that everyone

views them that way. Some people find them to be hilarious and end up eating their cereal with them every morning.

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