What is another word for lag?

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[ l_ˈa_ɡ], [ lˈaɡ], [ lˈaɡ]

Synonyms for Lag:

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Rhymes for Lag:

  1. gag, rag, snag, hag, tag, bragg, sag, bag, drag, flag, stag, mag, wag, ag, fag, crag, slag, zag, brag, dag, nag;

Quotes for Lag:

  1. Because capitalist society has expanded the productive forces so enormously, the social conditions under which it arose lag behind and become fetters holding back the further growth of productive forces. Earl Browder.
  2. This year, we must address the Colorado Paradox. We have more college degrees per capita than any state. Yet we lag the nation in the percentage of students who go on to higher education. Bill Owens.
  3. Russia is still the leader in world space exploration. But its position of leader involves great responsibility- we have no right to lag behind. We can and we must move constantly forward. Valentina Tereshkova.

Idioms of Lag:

  1. lag behind in sth;
  2. lag behind ( sb/ sth);
  3. lag behind in;

Adjectives for Lag:

  • qual,
  • qual,
  • british,
  • double,
  • enormous,
  • infamous,
  • current,
  • legal,
  • magnetic.