What is another word for sparsity?

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Sparsity is a term that refers to the state of being sparse or having a small quantity of something. Some synonyms for sparsity include scarcity, sparseness, barrenness, paucity, infrequency, rarity, scantiness, thinness, and meagerness. These terms convey the same meaning of a lack of abundance or a shortage of something. When applied to data or statistics, the word sparsity can be replaced by the terms incompleteness, unevenness, or patchiness. In the context of art, the same meaning can be conveyed using words such as minimalism, emptiness, simplicity, or austerity. The use of synonyms can help to enrich our language and add variety to our writing.

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    How to use "Sparsity" in context?

    Sparse matrices have been extensively studied by mathematicians and computer scientists for their computational advantages and applications in machine learning, scientific computing, and signal processing. Proposed sparse representations can be easily computed and numerical algorithms for minimizing them are well known.

    -Oscar Davids, CS Professor at Vanderbilt University

    In mathematics and computer science, sparse matrices are matrices that are not necessarily non-negative and have a reduced number of entries, typically between three and six. They can be useful for speed and memory reasons, and have been used in machine learning and scientometric computing.

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