What is another word for paucity?

Pronunciation: [pˈɔːsɪti] (IPA)

Paucity, meaning a small amount or scarcity, can be described using various synonyms such as shortage, dearth, inadequacy, rarity, insufficiency, and sparseness. These words can imply the absence or lack of something, whether it's resources, opportunities, or supplies. Shortage refers to a quantity that is less than what is required or needed, while dearth indicates a lack of something essential. Inadequacy implies a deficiency in quality, and rarity suggests the scarcity of something not easily found. Insufficiency denotes the lack of enough supply, whereas sparseness means something is thinly distributed or spread out. All these synonyms convey the sense of a paucity or lack of something important or necessary.

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What are the opposite words for paucity?

Paucity is a word used to describe scarceness or a lack of something. However, there are many antonyms for the word paucity, which convey the opposite meaning. Some of the most common antonyms include abundance, plenty, profusion, sufficiency, excess, multitude, surplus, bountifulness, and lavishness. These words represent the abundance or the existence of something in ample quantities. For instance, abundance suggests that there is an excess of something and profusion highlights a large quantity of something. In general, having a good knowledge of antonyms for words such as paucity can offer more clarity and depth to communication.

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Usage examples for Paucity

Accordingly there is a notable paucity in names, especially for themselves, among the Indian tribes, while the descriptive designations applied to a given group by neighboring tribes are often diverse.
"The Siouan Indians"
W. J. McGee
Yet it is instructive even to him, for the frequency of rain and mist and the paucity of landmarks which can be seen more than a few yards off, coupled with the necessity of constantly watching the ground, render it one of the easiest places in the world in which to lose one's way in any but the finest weather.
"Climbing in The British Isles. Vol. 1 - England"
W. P. Haskett Smith
Until towards the close of the eighteenth century, the Polish historians wrote almost exclusively in the Latin language, and her poets also expressed themselves in that classic medium; hence the paucity of Polish literature.
"Due North or Glimpses of Scandinavia and Russia"
Maturin M. Ballou

Famous quotes with Paucity

  • The horror of the Twentieth Century was the size of each new event, and the paucity of its reverberation.
    Norman Mailer
  • The horror of the Twentieth Century was the size of each new event, and the paucity of its reverberation.
    Norman Mailer
  • It is quoted that someone once baked 'four and twenty blackbirds in a single pie': Was the number of blackbirds determined by game-management officials, or simply a paucity in the hunter's bag?
    F.M. Faber Jr.
  • The paucity of its vocabulary and syntax is for the Beats essentially expressive of withdrawal from the standard civilization and its learning. On the other hand this paucity gives, instead of opportunities for thought and problem solving, considerable satisfaction in the act and energy of speaking itself, as is true of any simple adopted language, such as pig Latin. But this can have disadvantages. One learns to one’s frustration that they regard talk as an end in itself, as a means of self-expression, without subject matter. In a Beat group it is bad form to assert or deny a proposition as true or false, probable or improbable, or to want to explore its meaning.
    Paul Goodman
  • I’ve always felt that anyone who wants to talk about my private life is only demonstrating the paucity of his/her imagination when there are so many more important and exciting things to discuss.
    David Gerrold

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