What is another word for drought?

Pronunciation: [dɹˈa͡ʊt] (IPA)

Drought is a natural phenomenon that occurs in various parts of the world due to inadequate rainfall, dry weather, and water scarcity. This phenomenon causes enormous adversity to the affected community, the environment, and agriculture. However, there are several synonyms for the word "drought" that are commonly used to describe this phenomenon. Some of these synonyms include water shortage, aridity, dry spell, famine, scorched earth, desiccation, and dehydration. The use of these synonyms emphasizes the severity of the situation and provides a clearer understanding of the devastating impact of droughts. Therefore, it is essential to identify and address the issue to prevent these occurrences from happening in the future and alleviate the suffering of those affected.

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What are the opposite words for drought?

Drought is a natural disaster that affects thousands of lives annually. It is characterized by a lack of rain for an extended period, leading to a shortage of water and severe damage to crops and vegetation. The antonyms for drought are wetness, abundance, sufficiency, and saturation. These words imply the opposite of drought, where there is enough rainfall that results in thriving crops and lush vegetation. Wetness denotes an abundance of water, sufficiency refers to having enough of something, abundance is having plenty and saturation means soaked with moisture. These antonyms highlight what exists in contrast to drought, which can bring hope, comfort and relief to people suffering from catastrophic conditions.

What are the antonyms for Drought?

Usage examples for Drought

The 'Good Mzimu' is riding on an elephant in the direction in which the sun rises, beyond the mountains out of the waters; there the 'Good Mzimu' will tell the Great Spirit to send you clouds, and those clouds during a drought will water with rain your millet, your manioc, your bananas, and the grass in the jungle, in order that you may have plenty to eat and that your cows shall have good fodder and shall give thick and fat milk.
"In Desert and Wilderness"
Henryk Sienkiewicz
The thunder announcing the drought resounded incessantly on the horizon's border.
"In Desert and Wilderness"
Henryk Sienkiewicz
The men toil on alone, facing flood, and drought, and frost, and some hate the silence of the winter nights during which they sit beside the stove.
"The Greater Power"
Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton

Famous quotes with Drought

  • Plant diseases, drought, desolation, despair were recurrent catastrophes during the ages - and the ancient remedies: supplications to supernatural spirits or gods.
    Norman Borlaug
  • Worm or beetle - drought or tempest - on a farmer's land may fall, Each is loaded full o' ruin, but a mortgage beats 'em all.
    Will Carleton
  • For most of the history of our species we were helpless to understand how nature works. We took every storm, drought, illness and comet personally. We created myths and spirits in an attempt to explain the patterns of nature.
    Ann Druyan
  • You see, I had been riding with the storm clouds, and had come to earth as rain, and it was drought that I had killed with the power that the Six Grandfathers gave me.
    Black Elk
  • Yeah, the material's been good so far, although I'm sure there's got to be a drought coming someday.
    John Goodman

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