What is another word for thinness?

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When it comes to synonyms for the word "thinness," there are several options to choose from. For instance, you could use terms like slenderness, skinniness, emaciation, or frailty to convey the idea of someone or something being very thin or lacking in substantial mass. Similarly, delicacy, fineness, or slightness could be used to describe the thinness of an object or material, while austerity or meagerness might be used to imply a sense of impoverishment or scarcity. Whatever synonym you choose, the key is to find a word that accurately captures the essence of what you are trying to describe and creates the desired impact on your reader.

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    Thinness refers to a state of being slender or physically slim, but there are numerous antonyms (words with opposite meanings) that can be used to describe the opposite of thinness. Some common antonyms for thinness include thickness, plumpness, robustness, fullness, roundness, and heftiness. These words are often used to describe a more substantial body type or physique, and can be used in a variety of contexts where thinness is not desirable or appropriate. For instance, a person may strive to gain weight and build muscle for health reasons, or to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. In any case, antonyms for thinness provide a useful contrast to this popular descriptor of body size and shape.

    Usage examples for Thinness

    And she saw the fragility and delicate thinness of his love affair with Ada Rivers.
    William McFee
    There was not a line out of place, save where his cheek-bones projected slightly, owing to his extreme thinness, and left deep hollows under his eyes.
    "The New Tenant"
    E. Phillips Oppenheim
    She noted, too, with a little choke in her throat, the shadows under the cheek bones and the thinness of the nose.
    "Peter A Novel of Which He is Not the Hero"
    F. Hopkinson Smith

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