What is another word for want?

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[ wˈɒnt], [ wˈɒnt], [ w_ˈɒ_n_t]

Related words: want to, want for, want for you, want to be, wanting

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    How to use "Want" in context?

    Whether it's wanting a certain type of food, wanting a loved one to be happy, or simply wanting to find something, most of us have experienced a want at some point. Despite the ubiquity of want, there is surprisingly little research on the emotion. This lack of understanding may be a contributing factor to the rampant issues with want, such as impulsiveness, poor decision-making, and addiction.

    Want is an emotional experience that typically arises when we want something we cannot have. Wants can be either positive or negative, but there is rarely a single want that is representative of all want experiences.

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