What is another word for oddness?

98 synonyms found


[ ˈɒdnəs], [ ˈɒdnəs], [ ˈɒ_d_n_ə_s]

How to use "Oddness" in context?

Oddness is a peculiar quality that can be observed in certain behaviors and objects. It is called odd by definition, as it deviates from the norm. Although oddness can be seen as a negative quality, it can also be seen as intriguing and intriguingly different. Oddity can be found in a wide range of things, from the unusual to the bizarre. It can be found in the behavior of people and animals, as well as the features of objects. Oddity can also be found in natural phenomena, such as the behavior of plants and stars. There is something intriguing and somewhat mysterious about oddity, which makes it interesting to explore.

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