What is another word for speedway?

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The word "speedway" primarily refers to a track designed for high-speed racing, often for motor vehicles like cars or motorcycles. However, when it comes to synonyms, there are various options available. For instance, the term "raceway" can be used to describe a track that allows for fast-paced competitions. Similarly, "circuit" can be used to indicate a course that features multiple turns and straightaways. "Track" itself is another synonym for speedway. Additionally, "piste" is a term used predominantly in Europe that can be used to describe a speedway. Lastly, "velodrome" is a term used specifically for tracks designed for cycling competitions.

How to use "Speedway" in context?

The speedway is a racing track consisting of a short oval with banked turns. The first speedway was built near Newport, Kentucky in 1895.

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