What is another word for roadway?

Pronunciation: [ɹˈə͡ʊdwe͡ɪ] (IPA)

Roadway is a term commonly used to describe a paved surface or route that allows vehicles to travel from one location to another. However, there are several other synonyms for roadway that can be used to vary the language used to describe this type of infrastructure. Some alternative terms include carriageway, drive, thoroughfare and street. Other options include lane, highway, avenue, and boulevard. These alternatives can help to add variety and interest to speech or writing about transportation infrastructure, and can make it easier to maintain reader engagement over the course of an extended discussion or narrative.

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Usage examples for Roadway

There was no porch, nor could there possibly be one, for an ordinary porch would reach half across the roadway.
"Hodge and His Masters"
Richard Jefferies
No rain having fallen during this month of September, the ground was dry and hard as iron, but the roadway lay deep in dust, and a continuous rolling cloud followed her firm footsteps.
"The Devil's Garden"
W. B. Maxwell
They were gloomy evening hours, when the old and the young man sat together in the office by the roadway; and at night Mavis used to hear her sleeping husband moan and groan so piteously that she sometimes felt compelled to wake him.
"The Devil's Garden"
W. B. Maxwell

Famous quotes with Roadway

  • A clock struck out the hour of twelve, and the bird in the hedgerow was still singing as we marched out to the roadway, and followed our merry pipers home to town.
    Patrick MacGill
  • Pale hands I loved beside the Shalimar. Where are you now? Who lies beneath your spell? Whom do you lead on Rapture's roadway, far, Before you agonise them in farewell?
    Laurence Hope

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