What is another word for roadway?

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Roadway is a term commonly used to describe a paved surface or route that allows vehicles to travel from one location to another. However, there are several other synonyms for roadway that can be used to vary the language used to describe this type of infrastructure. Some alternative terms include carriageway, drive, thoroughfare and street. Other options include lane, highway, avenue, and boulevard. These alternatives can help to add variety and interest to speech or writing about transportation infrastructure, and can make it easier to maintain reader engagement over the course of an extended discussion or narrative.

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    A roadway is any public or private thoroughfare or vehicular drive or path. Roadways can be local, county, state, or national highways.

    Roadways can be broadly classified as urban and rural. Urban roadways are typically open to the public, while rural roadways are typically closed to the public. Although roadway refers to any path or thoroughfare, the term is most commonly applied to urban roadways.

    Roadways are commonly divided into two categories: expressways and rural routes. An expressway is a limited-access roadway for high-speed travel.

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