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The word "row" has a number of different synonyms, all of which relate to a line or series of things. Some of the most common synonyms for row include line, rank, tier, series, sequence, chain, train, file, and queue. Each of these words can be used in slightly different contexts, depending on the specific meaning that is intended. For example, "line" might be used to describe a group of people waiting for a bus, while "rank" might be used to describe a line of soldiers. Similarly, "series" might be used to describe a set of books or movies, while "chain" might be used to describe a row of stores in a shopping center.

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1. rowboat racing is a popular spectator sport on lakes and reservoirs throughout the United States.

2. A rowboat is a small, narrow watercraft with a flat bottom and a single, curved bow.

3. Rowers sit in the center of the boat, facing forward, and use oars to propel the craft forward.

4. The goal of a rowing race is to travel the length of the course as fast as possible.

5. rowers use a technique called "corralling" to move through the water.

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