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An alleyway is a narrow passage between buildings or a backstreet. The term alleyway is often used interchangeably with terms such as alley, back alley, lane, path, passage, and walkway. An alley typically refers to a narrow passageway between buildings, while a back alley may also refer to a street or road behind a row of buildings. A lane can be a narrow road or path, and passage or walkway typically convey the sense of a path or trail. Other synonyms for alleyway include byway, side street, and cut-through. In general, all of these terms describe a narrow and often cramped passage that can be used for pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

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When people think of alleys, they often think of dark, dank places filled with rats and discarded food. In reality, alleys can be just as colorful and interesting as any other street in a city. They can be home to small businesses, colorful apartment buildings, and even historic districts. The best alleys are the ones that are full of life and contrasts, and they are a perfect place to explore on foot.

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