What is another word for squelched?

Pronunciation: [skwˈɛlt͡ʃt] (IPA)

Squelched is a unique term that can been used to mean a variety of things, such as suppressed, muted, or silenced. When you are squelched, it means that you have been silenced or prevented from expressing your opinion or thought in some way. Other synonyms of squelched include snuffed, hushed, quashed, stifled, muffled, suppressed, or subdued. These synonyms can be used to describe a situation where someone has been silenced forcefully, or a situation where someone is hesitant to express themselves due to fear of consequences. Regardless of the context, squelched remains a powerful word that carries a great deal of weight in its meaning.

What are the opposite words for squelched?

Squelched means suppressed, muted, or quashed. Its antonyms are words that indicate the opposite meanings such as amplified, escalated, intensified, promoted, motivated, encouraged, aided, or abetted. To amplify means to increase the volume or intensity of something. To promote means to support, encourage, or advance something. Encouragement helps someone to feel more confident and positive. Aiding means assisting or supporting someone. Motivation is the driving force that keeps an individual going. Escalating indicates an increase or intensification. Abetting means giving support or encouragement to something negative or illegal. Therefore, these are some antonyms for the word squelched.

What are the antonyms for Squelched?

Usage examples for Squelched

Across the square squelched zu Pfeiffer to the orderly room.
Charles Beadle
Mud squelched beneath their feet, planks tilted.
Kathleen Norris
Mud squelched beneath Peter's boots in the roadway; the dog sprang lightly from clump to clump of dried grass.
Kathleen Norris

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