What is another word for jammed?

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When it comes to describing a situation where something is stuck or not able to move forward, there are several synonyms that can be used instead of the word 'jammed.' These include 'blocked,' 'obstructed,' 'stalled,' 'halted,' 'interfered with,' and 'entangled.' For example, instead of saying "the printer is jammed," one could say "the printer is blocked" or "the printer is stalled." Similarly, instead of saying "traffic is jammed," one could say "traffic is obstructed" or "traffic is halted." It's important to mix up our vocabulary when describing situations like these, so as not to repeat the same word over and over again.

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    Jammed refers to something that has been stuck or immobilized due to an obstruction or congestion. The antonyms for the word jammed are liberated, dislodged, released, and cleared. Liberated implies the freeing of something that was previously restricted. Dislodged refers to the removal of an object from a tight or fixed position. Released means the setting free of something that was previously restrained. Cleared implies the opening of a pathway that was previously clogged. It is important to note that the antonyms for jammed are used to express the opposite of the original term and can be used to convey a different meaning altogether.

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    The next day, at Lendham, the circus tents were jammed with people.
    "Leo the Circus Boy"
    Ralph Bonehill
    Taking advantage of big, strong teams and the fire of early enthusiasm, we aimed to force long distances through the extremely difficult ice jammed here against the distant land.
    "My Attainment of the Pole"
    Frederick A. Cook
    Successive storms, mountains of jammed ice, and deep snow, interrupted our progress and lengthened the course over circuitous wastes of snowdrifts and blackened our horizon.
    "My Attainment of the Pole"
    Frederick A. Cook

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