What is another word for publicized?

Pronunciation: [pˈʌblɪsˌa͡ɪzd] (IPA)

Publicized is a term often used to describe the act of promoting or advertising something to a wide audience. When you want to generate greater interest and awareness in a brand, product, or event, you can use a variety of synonyms for publicized. Some of the common alternatives include promoted, advertised, announced, publicized, disseminated, broadcasted, marketed, circulated, and revealed. Each of these words has a similar meaning to publicized, but they may have slightly different connotations or nuances. By using a variety of synonyms for publicized, you can add variety and interest to your writing or marketing efforts, and help to capture the attention of your target audience.

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What are the hypernyms for Publicized?

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What are the opposite words for publicized?

The term "publicized" generally refers to making something widely known or promoting it in the public eye. Its antonyms convey the opposite meaning, including "concealed," "hidden," "secluded," "private," and "restricted." These antonyms suggest that something is being kept away from public attention or is limited to a specific audience. The word "quiet" is also an antonym as it suggests something is not being promoted or advertised. Other antonyms for publicized may include "unnoticed," "ignored," "unknown," and "unpublicized." Depending on the context, choosing the right antonym for publicized can help convey a specific message or tone.

What are the antonyms for Publicized?

Usage examples for Publicized

In a widely-publicized demonstration several years before, a Voisier vault had been cut open by a team of well-trained, well-equipped technicians.
"Anything You Can Do"
Gordon Randall Garrett
His need was to establish himself as a moderately square tourist on his way to take a look-see at highly publicized Russia.
Dallas McCord Reynolds
Erickson was a beloved and valuable figure in the world of science, famous for his recently publicized "time lapse" theory.
"The Day Time Stopped Moving"
Bradner Buckner

Famous quotes with Publicized

  • I've had to recover not only from a single well-publicized incident, but several years of press aftermath.
    Donna Rice
  • Except in a few well-publicized instances (enough to lend credence to the iconography painted on the walls of the media), the rigorous practice of rugged individualism usually leads to poverty, ostracism and disgrace. The rugged individualist is too often mistaken for the misfit, the maverick, the spoilsport, the sore thumb.
    Lewis Lapham
  • A number of engineers became so-called disciples of Frederick W. Taylor, even though he had passed on to his reward in 1915. A considerable number of engineers took up the so-called scientific management of Frederick Taylor and further embroidered it and publicized themselves as efficiency engineers and management consultants. Henry L. Gantt had been Taylor's assistant at the Midvale Steel and the Bethlehem Steel Company. Gant, Morris L. Cook, Leffingwell, Emerson, H. K. Hathaway, Frank B. Gilbreth, Harlow S. Person and C.G. Barth were among the many prominent advocates of Taylor's efficiency system with some variations.
    Howard Scott
  • Technocracy's heyday lasted only from June 16, 1932, when the became the first influential press organ to report its activities, until January 13, 1933, when Scott, attempting to silence his critics, delivered what some critics called a confusing, and uninspiring address on a well-publicized nationwide radio hookup.
    Howard Scott
  • The outcome of the Spanish war was settled in London, Paris, Rome, Berlin — at any rate not in Spain.The much-publicized disunity on the Government side was not a main cause of defeat.At the outbreak of war the average Spanish factory-worker did not even know how to fire a rifle (there had never been universal conscription in Spain), and the traditional pacifism of the Left was a great handicap.To nationalize factories, demolish churches, and issue revolutionary manifestoes would not have made the armies more efficient. The Fascists won because they were the stronger; they had modern arms and the others hadn't. No political strategy could offset that.The most baffling thing in the Spanish war was the behaviour of the great powers.By that time one did not need to be a clairvoyant to foresee that war between Britain and Germany was coming; one could even foretell within a year or two when it would come.
    George Orwell

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