What is another word for shattered?

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When something is shattered, it has been broken into many pieces. There are many synonyms for this word including: smashed, fragmented, splintered, wrecked, and destroyed. While each of these words has a slightly different connotation, they all convey a sense of breaking apart. When something is smashed, it has been forcefully broken, often intentionally. Something that is fragmented, on the other hand, has broken apart into small pieces, often as a result of wear and tear over time. Whether something is shattered, smashed, fragmented, splintered, wrecked, or destroyed, the bottom line is the same: it is no longer whole.

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How to use "Shattered" in context?

Shattered is the feeling of being broken in some way. It is a feeling of utter devastation, of being left with little or no hope. It is a feeling that is impossible to shake, no matter how hard you try. Shattered is the aftermath of a devastating event or the culmination of a long and painful journey. It is a physical and emotional state that is impossible to shake, no matter how hard you try.

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