What is another word for curbed?

Pronunciation: [kˈɜːbd] (IPA)

Curbed is a versatile word which means to restrain, limit or control. There are several synonyms for the word curbed. The first synonym for curbed is restricted, which suggests a limiting control which keeps something within certain boundaries. The second synonym is constrained, which refers to being under a restriction that stops one from acting freely. The third synonym is suppressed, which means to control or restrain emotions or behaviors to avoid causing harm. The fourth synonym is curtailed, which means to shorten or reduce something to a reasonable level. The fifth synonym is controlled, which means to direct or limit conduct or behavior. In summary, these synonyms for curbed provide alternative expressions for describing the act of exercising restraint, limit or control.

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What are the opposite words for curbed?

Curbed is a verb that means to restrain, control or limit. The antonyms for curbed are words that imply the opposite of restricting or limiting. These include: unleashed, released, allowed, encouraged, promoted, stimulated, advanced, and fostered. Unleashing refers to setting free or releasing someone or something from restrictions. Released is another word meaning that something is no longer restrained or under control. Allowing means giving someone the freedom to act or do as they please. Encouraging and promoting are synonyms meaning that something is being supported or facilitated. Stimulated implies an increased level of activity or productivity. Advancing means moving forward or progressing, and fostering implies helping something or someone grow and thrive.

Usage examples for Curbed

A woman yet young, whose emotions had been stifled for a lifetime, in whom the warmth of love had been overlaid by the calculating egoism of a nature wounded to the quick, she had emancipated herself at the fortuitous moment, alive to the rapture of passion, of freedom from all the restraints that had curbed her existence.
"The Locusts' Years"
Mary Helen Fee
These are enlarged and strengthened, or curbed and diminished or modified, by education, environment and religious belief.
"Memoirs of Orange Jacobs"
Orange Jacobs
The pent-up stream, which could no longer be curbed, had given way in one onward sweep, all the greater, and over-mastering because of the restraint of years.
"If Any Man Sin"
H. A. Cody

Famous quotes with Curbed

  • Commercials on television are similar to sex and taxes; the more talk there is about them, the less likely they are to be curbed.
    Jack Gould
  • I do not pretend that I know the whole solution of the world's problems, but I am burdened with a Puritanical sense of obligation to set the world to rights. I feel responsible for many enterprises that are not really my business at all, but many times I have kept silence on issues that interested me deeply through the fear that others would be blamed for my opinions. I have never been willing to believe that human nature cannot be changed; but even if it cannot, I am sure it can be curbed and led into channels of usefulness. I believe that life, not wealth, is the aim of existence — life including all its attributes of love, happiness, and joyful labour. I believe war is the inevitable fruit of our economic system, but even if I am wrong I believe that truth can lose nothing by agitation but may gain all.
    Helen Keller
  • Hobbes’s understanding of the dangers of anarchy resonates powerfully today. Liberal thinkers still see the unchecked power of the state as the chief danger to human freedom. Hobbes knew better: freedom’s worst enemy is anarchy, which is at its most destructive when it is a battleground of rival faiths. The sectarian death squads roaming Baghdad show that fundamentalism is itself a type of anarchy in which each prophet claims divine authority to rule. In well-governed societies, the power of faith is curbed. The state and the churches temper the claims of revelation and enforce peace. Where this kind is impossible, tyranny is better than being ruled by warring prophets. Hobbes is a more reliable guide to the present than the liberal thinkers who followed. Yet his view of human beings was too simple, and overly rationalistic. Assuming that humans dread violent death more than anything, he left out the most intractable sources of conflict. It is not always because human beings act irrationally that they fail to achieve peace. Sometimes it is because they do not want peace. They may want the victory of the One True Faith – whether a traditional religion or a secular successor such as communism, democracy or universal human rights. Or – like the young people who joined far-Left terrorist groups in the 1970s, another generation of which is now joining Islamist networks – they may find in war a purpose that is lacking in peace. Nothing is more human than the readiness to kill and die in order to secure a meaning in life.
    John Gray (philosopher)
  • But the knowledge of the library is not that of the world; a youth of solitude is bad preparation for a manhood of action; from the earliest age we need to mingle with our kind; the child corrects and instructs the child more than their masters; our equals are the tools wherewith experience works out its lessons; and the play-ground, with its rival interests, its injustices, its necessity for the ready wit and the curbed temper is both miniature and prophesy of the world, which will but bring back the old struggles only with a sterner aspect, and the same successes, but with more than half their enjoyment departed.
    Letitia Elizabeth Landon
  • The style in which page after page of is written takes our breath away. We find ourselves marvelling at the words, as if all the fountains of the English language had been set playing in the sunlight for our pleasure, but it seems scarcely fitting to ask what meaning they have for us. After a time, falling into a passion with this indolent pleasure-loving temper in his readers, Ruskin checked his fountains, and curbed his speech to the very spirited, free and almost colloquial English in which and are written. In these changes, and in the restless play of his mind upon one subject after another, there is something, we scarcely know how to define it, of the wealthy and cultivated amateur, full of fire and generosity and brilliance, who would give all he possesses of wealth and brilliance to be taken seriously, but who is fated to remain for ever an outsider.
    John Ruskin

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