What is another word for smashed?

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The word "smashed" is a strong adjective that denotes something that has been broken or crushed to pieces. Some synonyms for this word include shattered, crushed, wrecked, destroyed, and demolished. These words all indicate that something has been damaged beyond repair or recognition. Other options include busted, fractured, fragmented, splintered, and pulverized. The word "smashed" is often used in the context of a car accident or a sports event. However, it can also be used to describe other scenarios where something has been severely damaged or destroyed. Regardless of the context, there are several words that can be used to replace "smashed" and convey a similar meaning.

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    Smashed is a drama film directed and written by Erin Cressida Wilson. The film stars Anthony Mackie, Demi Moore, Guy Pearce, and winner of the Best Actress Award at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, Elizabeth Olsen.

    The film tells the story of Walter (Anthony Mackie), a Lowell, Massachusetts, ice cream truck driver whose world is turned upside down when he discovers his wife, Glenna (Demi Moore), has been having an affair. In a furious expletive-laden rage, Walter destroys Glenna's new condo,apologizing only after he realizes how much the Other Woman has been taking from him.

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