What is another word for nun?

Pronunciation: [nˈʌn] (IPA)

Nun is defined as a woman who has taken vows committing herself to a religious life and often serving in a convent or a monastery. There are several synonyms for the word "nun". Sister is the most common synonym used, often denoting a nun's spiritual kinship with fellow nuns. Another synonym often used is abbess, which usually refers to a woman who is the head of a convent or a monastery. Other synonyms for nun include canoness, vestal, anchorite and monkess. Each of these words denotes different characteristics or roles that are associated with a nun's religious and cultural tradition. Overall, these synonyms are used to describe women who have devoted their lives to religious service, often in a cloistered environment.

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What are the hypernyms for Nun?

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What are the opposite words for nun?

Some antonyms for the word "nun" include "layperson," "secular," and "worldly." A nun is typically associated with a religious profession and a life of devotion and service to God. An individual who is not affiliated with a religious order or organization may be referred to as a "layperson" or "secular." Additionally, the term "worldly" implies a focus on material possessions and worldly pleasures, which is typically antithetical to the values and lifestyle of a nun. Other antonyms for "nun" may include terms such as "heathen," "infidel," or "non-believer," although these terms may carry a negative or derogatory connotation.

What are the antonyms for Nun?

  • n.

    woman in religious order

Usage examples for Nun

"Well, she is at rest, there can't be any doubt of that," he said, as he glanced round at the drifting black robe which followed her free, nun-like walk.
"A Hazard of New Fortunes, Part Fifth"
William Dean Howells
She wore black, as she often did; but in spite of its fashion her dress received a nun-like effect from the pensive absence of her face.
"A Hazard of New Fortunes, Part Fifth"
William Dean Howells
Which would have shown that she was not always a nun breathless with adoration during religious exercises.
"Somehow Good"
William de Morgan

Famous quotes with Nun

  • I have been called a nun with a switchblade where my privacy is concerned. I think there's a point where one says, that's for family, that's for me.
    Julie Andrews
  • I'm currently in an interesting correspondence with a nun about forgiveness.
    Julian Clary
  • I have terrible handwriting. I now say it's a learning disability... but a nun who was a very troubled woman hit me over the fingers with a ruler because my writing was so bad.
    Andrew Greeley
  • I truly believe that God brought this, Dorothy Day script to me, because for a long time up until I was in eight grade - I wanted to be a nun.
    Moira Kelly
  • My manager wants me to dress like a nun and I want to dress like a teenager.
    Anna Kournikova

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