What is another word for stereotyped?

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Stereotyping is a common human habit that is often harmful to others. Finding the right synonyms for the word stereotyped is crucial to communicate better and avoid such harmful behavior. Some of the best synonyms for stereotyped are predictable, conventional, routine, standardized, formulaic, banal, unoriginal, and cliched. Using these words instead of stereotypes show that one is not taking shortcuts and is willing to think critically and treat others as individuals. Use of these synonyms will not only help to avoid negative emotional impact on the targeted people but also add freshness and creativity to our language.

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There are a variety of people in the world and everyone is individual. No matter what people believe, stereotypes exist. These are generalized assumptions that people make about a particular group of people based on their appearances or behavior. In general, people who are stereotyped are typically seen as less than competent or valuable.

Some groups that are often stereotyped are ethnicities, religions, socioeconomic classes, and sexual orientations. Unfortunately, these are all groups that are disadvantaged in some way. For example, people of different ethnicities are frequently subjected to discrimination. This is especially true for minorities who have little power or representation.

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