What is another word for unusual?

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When you're searching for a way to describe something different or out of the ordinary, there are a variety of synonyms for "unusual" that you could employ. For example, "peculiar" suggests something unique or odd, while "eccentric" connotes something that deviates sharply from the norm. "Atypical" implies something that is not typical or common, while "idiosyncratic" may describe something that is specific to an individual or group. "Quirky" could imply something that is playful or whimsical, whereas "aberrant" suggests something that is deviant or abnormal. Other synonyms might include "offbeat," "nonconformist," or "nontraditional," each of which conveys a different aspect of something that is unusual or unexpected.

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There are many unusual jobs in the world that defy categorization. They can be considered odd jobs, freelance work, or contract work. Some of the more unusual jobs include pet circus owner, mortician, and taxidermist.

Many of these jobs require some skill or knowledge that is not typically seen in everyday work. For instance, some pet circus owners are skilled in animal handling and training, which is necessary to care for and manage a large collection of various animals. Morticians are required to be skilled in preserving human remains and know how to create realistic mortuary displays.

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