What is another word for habitual?

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Habitual refers to something that is done regularly or as a matter of routine. Some synonyms for habitual include chronic, customary, ingrained, persistent, repetitive, and routine. Chronic implies a condition that is long-standing and often requires medical attention. Customary suggests an action that is traditional or expected in a certain setting. Ingrained refers to a pattern that is deeply embedded and difficult to change. Persistent suggests a behavior that continues despite efforts to stop it. Repetitive implies an action that is done repeatedly, often in a monotonous manner. Routine suggests a regular pattern of behavior that is done without much thought or variation.

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How to use "Habitual" in context?

There is no single answer to what constitutes a "habitual" behavior. In general, however, a behavior can be considered habitual if it is repeated often enough to be considered a part of a person's routine. Some common types of habits that people suffer from include smoking, eating unhealthy foods, and drinking alcohol.

It can be difficult to break a habit, as often the individual caring for the habit-e.g. parents with young children who are addicted to cigarettes-may find it difficult to get the individual to give up the behavior. It is often helpful to enlist the help of a professional to help the individual break the habit.

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