What is another word for unconventional?

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[ ʌnkənvˈɛnʃənə͡l], [ ʌnkənvˈɛnʃənə‍l], [ ʌ_n_k_ə_n_v_ˈɛ_n_ʃ_ə_n_əl]

Synonyms for Unconventional:

nonconforming (adjective) unorthodox (adjective) Other synonyms:

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Rhymes for Unconventional:

  1. intentional, dimensional, conventional;
  2. unintentional;

Quotes for Unconventional:

  1. Usually you're in movies with a lot of dissolves and things, but this was kind of quick, more jarring than usual. I thought it would be fun to be in a movie that's unconventional Then I met Guy and I liked him. I think he's a good man. Dennis Farina.
  2. Not exactly but I get inspiration from stories which are unconventional Anil Kapoor.
  3. Increased and better screening for explosives is necessary- and Congress should fund it and TSA should implement it as quickly as possible- however that screening doesn't reduce the risk posed by a trained terrorist with an unconventional weapon. Dave Reichert.