What is another word for prejudiced?

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Prejudice is defined as having preconceived opinions or attitudes about something or someone. Synonyms for prejudiced include biased, partial, unfair, discriminatory, intolerant, and bigoted. These words imply a narrow-minded approach and an unwillingness to consider other points of view or information. Prejudice can manifest in various ways such as race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. Being aware of one's own prejudices is essential to create a just and egalitarian society. By using synonyms to describe prejudiced behavior, we can recognize and address instances of bias and discrimination and work towards building an inclusive society for all.

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How to use "Prejudiced" in context?

Prejudice is a mental attitude or belief that leads to discrimination. It refers to any opinion or attitude that is not based on factual information. People who are prejudiced often hold onto their opinions even when it is not logical or rational. Prejudice can be caused by anything from family upbringing to educational experience.

There is no one way to be prejudiced, and it can occur in anyone, regardless of race, religion, gender, or national origin. Often, prejudiced attitudes develop when we are socialized to believe in them.

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