What is another word for strange?

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The word "strange" can be described by a wide range of synonyms. Some of the most commonly used substitute words for "strange" are unusual, odd, peculiar, bizarre, unfamiliar, atypical, extraordinary, outlandish, and eccentric. Each of these synonyms adds a unique flavor to the meaning of the word "strange." For instance, "unusual" suggests something uncommon or unexpected, while "peculiar" suggests something specific to a particular person or thing. Similarly, "bizarre" implies something weird or out of the ordinary, whereas "eccentric" suggests a person or thing that is peculiar or unconventional. Overall, with the help of these synonyms, we can express the idea of "strangeness" more aptly and effectively.

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What are the opposite words for strange?

Antonyms for the word "strange" typically refer to something that is familiar, customary, or conventional. These words include common, customary, familiar, normal, ordinary, typical, and usual. Instead of describing something that is unfamiliar, odd, or unusual, these antonyms describe experiences or things that are expected or typical. These words are often used to describe situations that do not require deviation from social norms or cultures. It is important to note that while the word "strange" often has a negative connotation, antonyms do not necessarily carry a positive connotation, and should be used appropriately to convey the intended meaning.

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