What is another word for stiffness?

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Stiffness refers to the inflexibility or rigidness of any object, material or body part. It can also denote physical discomfort or pain. There are various synonyms for stiffness such as rigidity, hardness, firmness, inflexibility, sturdiness and toughness. In terms of physical discomfort, stiffness can be replaced with aches, soreness, tightness, and cramps. In manufacturing, stiffness is known as the stiffness coefficient and can be swapped with strength, durability, and toughness. While in the field of engineering and physics, stiffness refers to the resistance of an object to deformation, and can be substituted by resistance, rigidity, or elasticity.

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    Stiffness is a property of materials that controls how easily they bend or deform. It has a great impact on the design of bicycles and other physical objects, since it affects how comfortable they are to ride and how well they resist wear and tear.

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