What is another word for interruption?

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Interruption occurs when someone or something stops or disturbs an ongoing activity. There are many synonyms that can be used in place of interruption, such as disturbance, disruption, obstruction, interference, and break. These terms all reference some form of a hindrance or interruption to a process, event, or action. For example, a phone ringing during a meeting can cause a disruption, while a construction project near a home may cause an obstruction. In essence, any event that diverts attention or halts progress can be considered an interruption. Therefore, using a variety of synonyms for interruption can add nuance and variety to language, improving clarity and coherence in communication.

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    Interruption is a word that is used often in speech. It is an interruption in the rhythm or flow of the conversation. It can be intentional or unintentional. It can be a disruption that is welcomed or unwelcome. It can also be a disruption that is purposeful or impromptu. There are different types of interruptions that can be rude, mean and simply unwanted. It can take away from the conversation or it can add to the conversation. It can take away from the flow of the conversation or it can help to keep the conversation flowing. It can be helpful or hurtful. It can be funny or serious.

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