What is another word for super?

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Super is an adjective used to describe something that is excellent, outstanding, amazing, or extremely good. However, in writing, it's crucial to avoid using the same word repeatedly. You can use numerous synonyms of super to spice up your writing and make it engaging. Some synonyms include remarkable, phenomenal, exceptional, terrific, splendid, remarkable, fantastic, outstanding, wonderful, sensational, and extraordinary. Other options include superb, terrific, admirable, marvelous, and fabulous. By incorporating these synonyms into your writing, your words will flow better, and your readers will be more engaged as they come across different words to describe the same thing, rather than seeing the same word multiple times.

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    Super is an adjective meaning unusually or greatly exceeding the usual or expected. In computing, supercharging is an enhancement to a computer's processing power, implemented by increasing the clock speed of the central processing unit (CPU) beyond its base specification. In programming, the super keyword indicates that an object is a subtype of an existing type.

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