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Infinitesimal refers to something extremely small or minuscule. There are several synonyms to this word, such as tiny, minuscule, microscopic, nano, atomic, infinitive, and small. The word tiny denotes something that is very small in size or amount. Similarly, the word minuscule means something that is tiny or small in size or quantity. Microscopic refers to something that requires a microscope to be seen, and nano signifies a measurement scale of nanotechnology, which is even smaller than the microscopic scale. Atomic refers to something that is the size of an atom, while infinitive refers to something that is indefinite and limitless. Small denotes something that is of a smaller size or amount than others.

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How to use "Infinitesimal" in context?

Infinitesimal is a very small unit of measurement. It is very tiny and minuscule. A millimeter is one thousand infinitesimal units.

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