What is another word for marvelous?

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Marvelous is a word that conveys a sense of wonder and amazement. To find synonyms for such an emotion-driven word, one must ransack through the arsenal of adjectives to pick out words that have similar connotations. Some synonyms for marvelous are fantastic- giving a feel of being imaginative and beyond reality, splendid- giving a sense of grandeur and magnificence, phenomenal- something that is extraordinary and exceptional, splendid- conveys a sense of awe, and breathtaking, which expresses a sense of extreme beauty and amazement. Other synonyms include amazing, astounding, wondrous, incredible, formidable, and awe-inspiring. All of these words express a sense of admiration and wonder towards something that is remarkable.

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How to use "Marvelous" in context?

When one thinks about adjectives to describe something, the first word that comes to mind is "marvelous." It is a word that is often used to describe something that is amazing or extraordinary. Something that is simply marvelous is something that is truly beautiful or impressive. There are many things that can be marvelous, and it can be used to describe anything from an event to a person. To use the word marvelous in a sentence, one might say, "This event was truly marvelous." The word can be used to describe something that is excellent, above and beyond, or something that is simply impressive.

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