What is another word for magnificent?

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[ maɡnˈɪfɪsənt], [ maɡnˈɪfɪsənt], [ m_a_ɡ_n_ˈɪ_f_ɪ_s_ə_n_t]

Synonyms for Magnificent:

How to use "Magnificent" in context?

When referring to something as magnificent, the word carries with it the connotation of being extremely impressive, exceptional, or even awe-inspiring. In general, terms like marvelous, splendid, and breathtaking are often used to describe things that are impressive and lovely. However, when referring to something as magnificent, it is often used to describe something that is truly exceptional. This can apply to both the quality and quantity of the thing being described. For instance, a magnificent mountain view is something that is incredibly impressive and awe-inspiring, while a magnificent palace is something that is ornate and extravagant.

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