What is another word for niggardly?

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[ nˈɪɡədli], [ nˈɪɡədli], [ n_ˈɪ_ɡ_ə_d_l_i]

Niggardly is a term that is often regarded as offensive and derogatory due to its phonetic similarity to a racial slur. Due to this fact, it is important to use alternative words that convey the same meaning without causing offense. Some synonyms for niggardly include miserly, stingy, parsimonious, tight-fisted, frugal, and penny-pinching. These terms are far less likely to cause offense or confusion and will accurately communicate the intended meaning. It is essential to be sensitive and mindful when selecting words, as even seemingly innocent terms can carry some level of prejudice or offense.

Similar words: miserly, tight, parsimonious, ungenerous

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    How to use "Niggardly" in context?

    Niggardliness is a word that is often associated with being stingy. Someone who is niggardly is usually unwilling to spend money or share resources. This can be dangerous because it can lead to unsafe or unhealthy situations. It can also be irritating because it puts limits on what others can do.

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