What is another word for swear?

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Swearing is an act of uttering words that are considered taboo or offensive. Some of the synonyms for the word "swear" include curse, blaspheme, cuss, damn, and profane. These words are often used to express strong emotions such as anger, frustration or disappointment, but should be used with caution since they may offend others. Other synonyms for swear include swearword, expletive, oath, and imprecation. Some less offensive synonyms include affirm, declare, vouch, and pledge. It's important to choose your words carefully and think before you speak, especially in professional or social situations.

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How to use "Swear" in context?

Swearing is a widespread and common behavior amongst humans. It is a shortcut for communicating difficult or unpleasant thoughts and is often accompanied by physical expressions of anger or frustration. While swearing always has negative connotations, it can also be used to express happiness, excitement, or triumph. The use of swearwords is also a way to show affection or familiarity.

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