What is another word for contravene?

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Contravene means to violate or go against a law, rule or principle. To express this meaning, we can use words such as defy, breach, infringe, transgress, or flout. Another set of synonyms are words that suggest a resistance or opposition to something, such as resist, oppose, combat, challenge, or thwart. For example, one might say that a company has contravened environmental regulations, or that a person has contravened social norms. In any case, using synonyms for contravene can help to add variety and nuance to our language when describing situations where rules are being broken or challenged.

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Contravene, meaning to violate or go against a rule, law, or principle, can have a few antonyms. Some of the opposite words for contravene are comply (to follow the rules or laws), obey (to do what you are told to), respect (to show honor and high regard), uphold (to support, maintain), concede (to accept, to allow), and conform (to adapt, adjust to rules). While contravene suggests defiance, resistance, or disobedience, its antonyms portray a sense of acceptance, cooperation, and compliance. Using the right antonym of contravene can be important in legal, ethical, and social contexts to express the intended meaning precisely.

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