What is another word for AM?

Pronunciation: [╦łam] (IPA)

The word "am" is a form of the verb "to be," which is used in the present tense for first-person singular. There are several synonyms for this word, including "exist," "subsist," "occur," "happen," and "take place." Each of these words is similar in meaning to "am" in that they all refer to some sort of state of being or occurrence. However, each of these words has slightly different connotations and can be used in different contexts. For example, "exist" generally refers to a more permanent state of being, while "occur" and "happen" imply more of a temporary or fleeting state.

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What are the opposite words for AM?

The word "am" is a form of the verb "to be," and it represents the present tense of the first person singular. It means "exist" or "occur," and it may act as a copula that joins a subject and a predicate. Several antonyms may be used to oppose the meaning of "am." These opposites may represent a different time, person, or state of being. Some of the antonyms for "am" include "was," "were," "ain't," "aren't," "isn't," "won't," or "will not be." When these antonyms are used to express negation, uncertainty, or change, they may offer a complex alternative to the simple verb "am.

Usage examples for Am

And oh I AM so glad to see you, Athena!
"Jane Oglander"
Marie Belloc Lowndes
I wasn't as deef as I AM now, but I was purty deef.
"My Lady of the Chimney Corner"
Alexander Irvine
I AM glad of that.
"Marjorie Dean High School Freshman"
Pauline Lester

Famous quotes with Am

  • I AM a male chauvinist. Who's been saying otherwise?
    Joe Bob Briggs
  • I AM AMazed at radio DJ's today. I AM firmly convinced that AM on my radio stands for Absolute Moron. I will not begin to tell you what FM stands for.
    Jasper Carrott
  • I AM what is called a Feminist. Thirty years ago I left a monastery and began a sane human existence. Within two or three years, I find, I was defending the rights of women.
    Joseph McCabe
  • I was up watching Meet Joe Black at four AM. I was hoping Brad Pitt would die, and he was still alive at seven forty in the morning! I actually felt sorry for once, for critics.
    Rose McGowan
  • Most people didn't have the bandwidth to download whole albums. And so it brought back this cherry picking idea that the audience would focus on certain songs and possibly be the impetus behind what eventually got on AM radio: the single or whatever.
    Todd Rundgren

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