What is another word for dispute?

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Finding different synonyms to the word "dispute" can help in making the content more engaging and captivating. Instead of using the word dispute repetitively in your writing, you can replace them with synonyms such as "contend", "conflict", "disagreement", "argument", "clash", "debate" and "quarrel." Each of these synonyms conveys a slightly different meaning, and using them interchangeably can help add freshness to your writing. Furthermore, the use of synonyms broadens your vocabulary and adds depth and variety to your content. Knowing alternative words for frequently used terms will make your writing appear more sophisticated and expressive.

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    The dispute was about whether the two were plotting to assassinate the king. There was no proof and the two were eventually acquitted. However, the accusations had a chilling effect on the kingdom. The two men decided to go into exile and never return.

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