What is another word for sympathize with?

Pronunciation: [sˈɪmpəθˌa͡ɪz wɪð] (IPA)

What are the hypernyms for Sympathize with?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for sympathize with?

Antonyms for the phrase "sympathize with" include words like dislike, abhor, detest, condemn, and disapprove. When one does not sympathize with another, they may have a lack of understanding, empathy or sensitivity towards their situation. Alternatively, they may feel negatively about the person, feeling as though they are undeserving of compassion. These antonyms highlight a negative attitude or feeling towards someone's circumstances, where one is neither supportive nor empathetic. It is important to bear in mind that while there may be situations where it can be challenging to empathize, it is always essential to approach them with an open mind and an empathetic heart.

Famous quotes with Sympathize with

  • However much we may sympathize with a small nation confronted by a big and powerful neighbours, we cannot in all circumstances undertake to involve the whole British Empire in a war simply on her account.
    Neville Chamberlain
  • I wrote a novel for my degree, and I'm very happy I didn't submit that to a publisher. I sympathize with my professors who had to read it.
    David Eddings
  • Perhaps you could sympathize with those who seek to replace a dead child with a copy, or to copy a parent or a relative or even a celebrity.
    Leon Kass
  • The more I work with the body, keeping my assumptions in a temporary state of reservation, the more I appreciate and sympathize with a given disease. The body no longer appears as a sick or irrational demon, but as a process with its own inner logic and wisdom.
    George MacDonald
  • That first week, I also went to Washington. That was really tough. I sympathize with those Washington figures who have to face 40 Times Washington bureau reporters. They ask hard questions and they're relentless. And they were quite suspicious and quite dubious about me.
    Daniel Okrent

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