What is another word for fathoms?

Pronunciation: [fˈaðəmz] (IPA)

Fathoms are a unit of measurement that refers to the depth of water. Synonyms for the word fathom include profundity, depth, or distance down. Some additional synonyms include measurement, gauge, or calibration. In a nautical context, fathoms can also be referred to as cable lengths or oceanic leagues. Other synonymous expressions that convey the idea of depth include sounding or sounding depths, which refer to the depth of the ocean floor. Regardless of the specific term, the essential meaning conveyed by these synonyms is the measurement of the distance from the surface of the water to the bottom of the sea.

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What are the opposite words for fathoms?

Fathoms are a measure of depth in the ocean, but what are the antonyms for this word? Some possible antonyms could be "surface," "shallow," "shoreline," or "land." These words indicate a lack of depth or distance from the ocean floor. Alternatively, "height," "altitude," "apex," or "summit" can also be antonyms for fathoms if we are measuring heights or distances above sea level rather than depths below it. It's important to note that antonyms for a word can vary depending on the context and usage of the word, but these examples provide some options for finding the opposite of fathoms.

What are the antonyms for Fathoms?

Usage examples for Fathoms

There was folly in such contemplation at such a time, when perhaps at this hour to-morrow the chests might be at the bottom of the sea, and myself a drowned sailor floating three hundred fathoms deep.
"The Frozen Pirate"
W. Clark Russell
When she drowned herself fathoms deep in her music, she had the best chance of forgetting.
"Brand Blotters"
William MacLeod Raine
The next instant I found that the boat was some fathoms from the ship.
"Paddy Finn"
W. H. G. Kingston

Famous quotes with Fathoms

  • Music fathoms the sky.
    Charles Baudelaire
  • The corals do not look much worn, but still appear to have been dead. There are some delicate shells of molluscs from depths beyond 500 fathoms, where they were certainly living.
    Edward Forbes
  • Zero of Animal Life probably about 300 fathoms.
    Edward Forbes
  • But me they'll lash me in hammock, drop me deep. fathoms down, fathoms down, how I'll dream fast asleep. I feel it stealing now. Sentry, are you there? Just ease this darbies at the wrist, and roll me over fair, I am sleepy, and the oozy weeds about me twist.
    Herman Melville
  • A beetle may or may not be inferior to a man — the matter awaits demonstration; but if he were inferior by ten thousand fathoms, the fact remains that there is probably a beetle view of things of which a man is entirely ignorant. If he wishes to conceive that point of view, he will scarcely reach it by persistently revelling in the fact that he is not a beetle.
    G. K. Chesterton

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