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Bleed is a verb that refers to losing blood from a wound or a blood vessel, but it can also be used in other contexts. Some synonyms for "bleed" include "hemorrhage" and "flow," both of which connote the loss of blood or life force. "Gush" is another synonym, implying a sudden and forceful outpouring, while "seep" suggests a slow and gentle leakage. "Drain" and "exude" have a similar meaning, but can also be used more figuratively to describe the gradual loss of vitality or resources. In any case, these synonyms for "bleed" capture the sense of loss, depletion, and vulnerability that the word often conveys.

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Bleeds occur when fluid flow is restricted, most commonly due to injury but also due to disease. The regional blood supply is often compromised and the associated tissues may become infarcted (dead or damaged), causing physical discoloration and bruising.

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