What is another word for cardamom?

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[ kˈɑːdaməm], [ kˈɑːdaməm], [ k_ˈɑː_d_a_m_ə_m]

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How to use "Cardamom" in context?

Cardamom is a warm, fragrant spice that is used in many dishes around the world. Cardamom is the key flavor in recipes like pancakes and coffee, and it is also used to give a characteristic flavor to desserts like gyros and pastries. Cardamom is a popular spice because it has a strong flavor that is also mellow and delicate. The cardamom pod is the Spike alpha variety of the genus Elettaria. It is a small, brown pod that is wrapped in a thin membrane. The pod is dried and can be found in both whole and ground form.

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