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Tart is an adjective that describes a sharp, sour, or acidic taste. The word is often used to describe fruits, such as lemons, that have an intense flavor. There are several synonyms for the term tart, including sour, acidic, piquant, tangy, and zesty. Each word conveys a slightly different nuance, but all are useful for describing foods that have a strong and distinctive taste. For example, tangy might be used to describe a citrus-based salad dressing, while zesty could be used to describe a spicy sauce. Whatever the context, these synonyms for tart are a useful addition to any culinary vocabulary.

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What Is tartness?

Tartness is a descriptor for the sourness or acidity of a food. There are three main senses of taste: sour, sweet, and bitter. Tartness is a descriptor for the sourness or acidity of a food. Here are some of the qualities that make a food or drink tart: strong acidity, a sour taste, or a fuzzy, grainy texture. Tart foods are often enjoyed in cold, fresh, or acidic cuisine, such as salad or sushi. In many cultures, tart foods are considered to be refreshing and appetizing.

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  • tartt, tarte.

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