What is another word for fruitcake?

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Fruitcake, a rich and dense cake with candied fruits and nuts, is a popular dessert especially during the holiday season. However, not everyone is fond of the term "fruitcake". If you're looking for other words to describe this delectable cake, here are some synonyms you can use instead: Christmas cake, plum cake, Dundee cake, fruit pudding cake, fruit bread, or even simply "holiday cake". No matter what you call it, fruitcake is a traditional and beloved dessert that has been enjoyed by many for generations. It's the perfect sweet treat to enjoy with loved ones over a cup of hot cocoa or tea, or to give as a thoughtful gift.

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How to use "Fruitcake" in context?

A fruitcake, or specifically a cake made from fruit, is a type of cake that is typically round, crimped on the top and filled with a sweet filling. Fruitcakes may also have a decorated surface.

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