What is another word for tousled?

269 synonyms found


[ tˈa͡ʊsə͡ld], [ tˈa‍ʊsə‍ld], [ t_ˈaʊ_s_əl_d]

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Synonyms for Tousled:

How to use "Tousled" in context?

When it comes to hair, there is no one right way to style it. Just like people have different shaped faces and different body types, everyone has different hair. That said, one popular way to style hair is to put it in a style that is often called "tousled." Tousled hair can be styled in a number of different ways, from loose waves to a more rustic look. Whether you're looking to take a break from your usual style or want to switch it up for a night out, there are plenty of ways to get tousled hair.

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